Preparing for the 2021-22 Season

Our web site is the best way to connect with the #FalconFootballFamily, stay up to date, check the calendar, see the latest features, game recaps, stats and much more. Find everything you need to prepare for the 2021-22 season below.

New to the Program

Incoming freshmen, new students and transfers, find out what you need to become a member of the #FalconFootballFamily. Once enrolled, complete our New Player Information Form, and go to (not available yet) to get the physical form for the required annual physical, dated after June 10th, and get cleared. Learn more here.


Our greatest accomplishment in our first four years is our work to prepare student-athletes for college with or without football. That effort culminated in a TEAM GPA of 3.71 in the 2019/20 season. We reach our target of 3.60 by prioritizing SCHOOL FIRST with study hall, grade checks, peer tutoring, study groups and real accountability. Learn more about our program here.

My Brother's Keeper Program

Big Brothers will return for the 2021-22 season. Learn more about it here.


The best way to stay-up-to-date is our team calendar. It is also available above in the main menu. It lists practices, games, 7x7, our summer workout schedule, parent meetings, booster meetings, and the Dead Period.

Spring Workouts / Spring Football

Starts - Monday, May 3rd, Ends - Thursday, June 24th

This off-season will be much, much shorter than usual. With a two week break after our last game on Friday, April 16th, we will hit the weight room and start lifting on Monday, May 3rd in sixth period PE. We will lift through Thursday, June 24th, leading into the dead period.

There will be no traditional spring football this year. With the football season ending in the spring, the normal three week spring football session has been canceled. It will return in May of 2022 and will start in early May, ending before June 1st. We will have 15 practices in three weeks with the entire team, right after most spring sports are completed.

7x7 Games & Tournaments

We will return to our normal 7x7 spring/summer schedule after missing the 7x7 season last year due to Covid. Most game and tournaments are for varsity only. However, our JV team will compete on Saturday, June 26th in the Ramona Tournament. The tentative varsity schedule can be found on the team calender. Practices will be scheduled and shared.

Dead Period

Starts - Monday, June 28th thru Sunday, July 11th

The dead period is a mandated two week break from all football activity. No workouts, practices, 7x7 or contact between players and coaches. This is the ideal time to take a vacation.

Order Your Falcon Gear

You can't play like a team if you don't look like one. More information will be provided.

Summer Schedule

Starts - Monday, July 12th thru Thursday, July 29th

Our summer program with our world class strength and conditioning coach Todd Durkin and the crew from Fitness Quest 10 starts on Monday, July 12th. We will workout four-days a week, starting at 7 am Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. We will also have evening workouts. Tentative dates are available on the team calendar.

First Day of Football

Start - Friday, July 3oth at 10 am

Saturday, July 31st is the official start of the 2021/22 football season. Players will need to be cleared on (not available yet) in order to participate. If you have questions about the clearance process, reach our to our athletic director, Todd Wilson.

Practice Schedule

Summer Practices

The first day of football will also be the first day of two-a-days. All three teams (freshmen, JV and varsity) will practice/condition in the mornings (tentatively 10 am) and then return in the afternoon for a second football practice (tentatively scheduled at 4:30 pm). Two-a-days will occur on Friday, July 30, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (8/2, 8/4, 8/6, 8/9, & 8/11). We will practice on Saturday, July 31st and August 7th at 10 am. Afternoon only practice will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, August 3rd, 5th, 10th and 12th.

Our scrimmages will happen on Friday, August 13th and possible Saturday, August 14th. The following week is is our first official game week. Practices shift to afternoons and Saturday mornings at that point.

For a more complete look at our summer schedule, visit the team calendar.

Once School Starts

When school returns, the football teams' schedule changes. It will work as follows:

  • Weightlifting

  • Study Hall

  • Peer Tutoring

  • Study Groups

  • Team Meetings

  • Position Meeting

will all begin during 6th period PE and continue afterschool until the start of practice at approximately 4:30 pm Monday thru Thursday, except for freshmen. Freshmen typically play on Thursdays, so their practices are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The tentative practice schedules are posted on the team calendar.

2021/22 - Football Schedule

Here is the tentative schedule. It is subject to change.

August 13th - Freshmen/JV Scrimmage - TBD

August 14th - Scrimmage vs. Brawley at the SD Kickoff Classic - El Cap HS at 5 pm

August 19th - Freshmen - TBD

August 20th - JV/Varsity vs. Montgomery at Scripps Ranch - JV at 4:00 pm / Varsity at 7 pm

August 26th - Freshmen at Scripps Ranch at 4:30 pm

August 27th - JV/Varsity at La Jolla - JV at 4:00 pm / Varsity at 7:00 pm

September 2nd - Freshmen - TBD

September 3rd - JV/Varsity vs San Diego at Scripps Ranch - JV at 4:00 pm / Varsity at 7 pm

September 9th - Freshmen/JV vs. Elsinore at Scripps Ranch - 4:30 pm / 7:00 pm

September 10th - Varsity at Elsinore at Time TBD

September 16th - Freshmen - TBD

September 17th - JV/Varsity at Sweetwater Union High School JV - TBD / Varsity at 6:30 pm

September 23rd - Bye Week (Practice Monday thru Friday - Tentatively)

September 24th - Bye Week (Practice Monday thru Friday - Tentatively)

Final league placement has been determined. We will move up to the Eastern League Canyon Hills (formerly Serra), Christian, Mira Mesa and Pt. Loma - (L) League Games, (NL) Non-League Contests

September 30th - Freshmen (L) at Pt. Loma, Time TBD

October 1st - JV/Varsity (L) vs. Pt. Loma at Scripps Ranch HS at JV at 4:00 pm / Varsity at 7 pm

October 7th - Freshmen (NL) at Morse - Time TBD

October 8th - JV/Varsity (NL) vs. Morse at Scripps Ranch HS- JV at 4 pm / Varsity at 7 pm

October 14th - Freshmen (L) vs. Christian at Scripps Ranch HS at 4:30 pm

October 15th - JV/Varsity (L) at Christian at Granite Hills HS JV Time TBD / Varsity at 7 pm

October 21st - Freshmen (L) at Mira Mesa HS - Time TBD

October 22nd - JV/Varsity (L) vs. Mira Mesa HS at SRHS - JV at 4 pm / Varsity at 7 pm

October 28th - Freshmen (L) vs. Canyon Hills HS at Scripps Ranch HS at 4:30 pm

October 29th - JV/Varsity (L) at Canyon Hills HS - JV Time TBD / Varsity at 7 pm

Playoffs - November 5th & 6th, 12th & 13th, 19th & 20th, 26th & 27th

If you can't find what you're looking for, be sure and let us know.

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