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Local College Recruiting Camps and the #FalconFootball Family Recruiting Process

A Note About Camps from Coach G

The truth about camps is, it's hard to get noticed. Size and speed stand out. Raw eye-catching talent stands out. However, with most high school athletes, there are so many kids on the same level that it can be harder to get noticed. But, the experience will make it clear, you have to work harder, learn better technique, and then work even harder. Over time, some athletes will grow, become more confident and attract more attention. So camp experience is a great way to assess where you are and where you want to be.

One way to get noticed, particularly at college camps like Redlands, is to try and connect with recruiting coordinators and position coaches that will be attending camps. When you do, you have to be ready. That connection may get you the look you've been hoping for, but it can also leave an impression that doesn't help. So, talk to your position coaches, coordinators, and head coach to start mapping out where you are, and where you may be headed. Then get to work.

Recruiting Process

Remember, we have developed connections and relationships with hundreds of coaches at every level of college football. And those coaches know each our student-athletes comes from a program that teaches young men how to thrive on the field and in the classroom. True preparation for the rigors of college with or without football. They understand our SCHOOL FIRST program guides our relentless pursuit of academic excellence. They also recognize we have high standards and even higher expectations and that we are driven by taking care of the details, establishing clear priorities, and executing for one another. And it shows. Our 2021 State Championship and Team GPA - 3.74 says it all.

REMINDER - We work hard for our student-athletes, walking each prospect through the process. Here are a few of the steps we take for our prospects:

  • Evaluation Meeting w/Coach G, Coordinators and Position Coaches

    • Identify Current College Target Level/Schools

    • Create Roadmap to Reach Higher Targets

  • Review Academic Progress, Next Steps

    • Review Grades, Grade Checks, Progress Plan

    • Provide Peer Tutors & Advisors (Study Hall)

  • Review Physical Preparation w/Coach Todd Durkin and the team from FitnessQuest10

  • Create, Review & Update Highlight Film

  • Create Player/Prospect Profile

  • Create Online Profile (Sample)

  • Create & Review Twitter Account / Social Media Presence

  • Identify & Recommend Appropriate Camps / Training

  • Contact 800+ Coaches, Coordinators, and Recruiting Personnel Individually

  • Send Updated Profiles & Film (In-Season, Out-of-Season)

  • Meet w/100+ Coaches On-Campus (Late Fall & Spring)

  • Follow up, follow up and follow up some more...

Set Up Your Evaluation Meeting

Set up your meeting with Coach G to take the first step.

Local Camp w/Rating Services

This is a great camp to get camp experience and it's local. It's a two day camp put on by Team Makasi that is attended by 24/7 & Rivals.

Redlands Camp - College Recruiters - Lots of Them

The first three dates of this camp are during our Spring Football, which is MANDATORY. If you feel like you need to attend on June 1st, 2nd or 3rd, discuss with Coach G.

Registration is now live for our Summer Camp Series! Your players can register here: IE Football Camps. There will be separate sessions for Skill and Lineman at each camp. Each camp is $60 per player. Below is a flyer with dates and the schools that will be at each camp (with more to add soon). Space is LIMITED, so make sure your players sign up early!

SDSU Skills Camp

The #FalconFootballFamily will be participating in Passing Camp #1 as a team on June 11th/12th. However, that will be followed by a skills camp individuals can attend on June 19th. More information to come.

UCLA Elite Prospect Camp

This camp is for rising sophomores ('25), juniors ('24), seniors ('23) and POST-HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES who have not signed an NIL, junior college players and four-year college players listed in the NCAA Transfer Portal.

The Whittier College Prospect Camp is on June 14th. This camp will include other coaches from D1 schools and we will continue to add more.

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