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Football is time consuming. If you don't pay close attention, the amount of time it takes to play football can take away from a STUDENT/Athlete's academic success. That's why we have Study Hall.

Just like like in NCAA, STUDENT/Athletes are expected to commit time for their studies. We do that through our study hall program.

Study Hall

The objective is simple. Football takes up a lot of time. If we don't send a clear message that SCHOOL FIRST is real, it would be very easy for STUDENT/Athletes to let their grades slip during the football season. So we do what they would have to do if they played NCAA sports. We have study hall.

ALREADY ON COURSE (3.66 or Better)

If your STUDENT/Athlete is already on course to achieve (3.66 or higher) they will not have study hall minimum requirements.  Instead, they will be earning community service hours, which we will track, as peer tutors. That's right, if your STUDENT/Athlete already understands school is a priority and has already developed study habits that allow him or her to succeed, they don't need our help. But, we need theirs.

Each of our high achievers is asked to contribute one (1) hour of peer tutoring per week.  It can be broken up into two 30 minute sessions or a single hour.  During that time, they will be available to assist other family/team members.  If their help isn't needed, they too can use the time to study.  Our high achievers will get the benefit of peer tutoring/community service hours which can be helpful in the college admissions application process.


School comes first, so we want to develop successful study habits they can take with them to college.  We are not looking to replace the time your student spends at home.  We want to supplement your efforts by using the collective effort of a team to do more, while providing tutors and additional resources (our library, access to text books, computers) and most important, dedicated time.

Cell phones are not welcome.  Silence is golden unless seeking assistance in quiet rooms.  Sitting with buddies, using the time unwisely and disrupting others won't be tolerated and will be handled by the head coach, swiftly.  This isn't a social hour.  It isn't social media time.  Students will sign-in, letting us know what they working on.  We will follow up with students, teachers, parents to ensure the results are consistent with the work put in to achieve success.

And let's face it, if our STUDENT/Athletes can find a way to get out of anything, they will.  The way out of STUDY HALL is four A's and two B's (3.66 GPA). Our goal is to get them there.


  • 3.33 - 3.65 = 2 Hours/Week

  • 2.80 - 3.32 = 3 Hours/Week

  • 2.79 or Below = 4 Hours/Week

* - IEP, 504's and other academic accommodations will be taken into consideration.  A plan can be customized for each child.  Feel free to contact Head Coach Marlon Gardinera to discuss a plan that works better for you and your family.


Times for 2019 to be determined.


One-size does not have to fit all.  We are more than willing to discuss your child's Study Hall plan individually. Students can go directly to teachers in lieu of study hall for tutoring. They may also visit the Peer Tutoring Program as Scripps Ranch High School in the library (same place as study hall) for additional help. Time STUDENT/Athletes spend with private tutors can also be used in lieu of study hall.

All of the above counts towards their study hall commitment.


Study Hall always comes before practice. STUDENT/Athletes are encouraged to bring drinks to hydrate and snacks to hold them over for practice.


We are really interested in your thoughts.  We have been thinking about this for a long time.  It is done for collegiate athletes at the next level and its something we think will help our STUDENT/Athletes get to the next level, with or without football.

Let us know what you think?  Be honest.  There is always room for improvement.

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