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Our SCHOOL FIRST program is a comprehensive effort to prepare our team for success, putting school first and football last when grades, attitude and/or effort in the classroom is an issue.

It takes size, speed, strength and great talent to get to the next level in football. It takes effort, understanding and sometimes help to excel in the classroom. Our student-athletes will excel in the classroom. Here is the recipe for making #SCHOOLFIRST

Minimum Requirements - 3.0 GPA

CIF requires all STUDENT/Athletes to achieve a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) to be eligible to participate in sports. We require a 3.0. But we don't just demand it, we work with our STUDENT/Athletes to make it possible. And we don't stop there. A 3.0 is nice, but our team GPA has risen from 2.97 to 3.59 in two years. We won't stop until everyone gets a 3.60.

Study Hall

Learn more about our Study Hall, the rules, the commitment, hours and other options.

Grade Checks

See how the football program uses PowerSchool for Grade Checks, which include the overall grades, missing assignments, missing homework, quiz and test results, lab results and teacher comments. Also learn about of C's, D's or F's policy. And get answers about grade checks being fun through the Culture of Success we are working to create.

The Improvement Plan

It's our job to help our STUDENT/Athletes succeed. We do that by creating The Improvement Plan for all students in need. Check out our step-by-step process for improving academic performance.

Suspension from Football

As a last resort we help STUDENT/Athletes understand that our SCHOOL FIRST policy is something we take very seriously. See how removing a player from the field can motivate success in the classroom.

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