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The end of an era, for now. Coach Leigh Cole has stepped down as the offensive coordinator for our Falcons with his eyes on retirement from coaching and teaching.

After 34-years of coaching football, starting back in 1989 at Mountain View High School, with stints at Henry Gunn High School in Palo Alto (HC/OC), Mt. Carmel High School (OC/QB), Mira Mesa High School (QB/WR), St. Augustine High School (OC/QB), and Del Norte High School (HC/OC/QB), Coach Cole is preparing to start a new venture, which we will share when he get's started.

We are grateful for the year we had with Coach Cole and I shared a personal thanks for being a great coach for the boys, and serving as a mentor for me with his lengthy career as a varsity head football coach. And while retirement sounds great, coaching is in Coach Cole's blood, so if you catch him on the field providing private coaching for QB's, don't be surprised.

Coach Cole, you will me missed. Thank you for coaching, mentoring and being you for the #FalconFootballFamily.


While I am convinced he is mocking me in this picture, one of the proudest moments in my seven years as head coach at Scripps is this announcement. Our new varsity defensive coordinator is Coach Adrian Valles.

There are a couple of coaches in our program that us older coaches see as the future. So, this change is a reflection of just how good we think they are, starting with Coach Valles.

Coach V is amazing. His rapport with the kids, his football IQ, his dedication and our absolute confidence in his ability to fill the gigantic shoes of Coach Taylor makes us proud to pass the torch. Coach Valles is not only ready, but he has earned this opportunity and I look forward to seeing him on the field in this new role.

Coach Mark Bolt will be back as the special teams coordinator, but he will also be playing a role on the defensive side of the ball along with Coach Jones, Coach McGarry, Coach Ortiz, JV/Frosh head coach Jeff Theilacker and the newbie, Coach Rob Helena, all returning for the 2024 season.


Another coach that we see as the future of Scripps Ranch High School is Coach Alex Muckle a.k.a. Muck, a.k.a. the Coach with the Backpack. Coach Muck will take over as our Run Game Coordinator. He has coached our offensive line for several years. As he progresses towards being an offensive coordinator and hopefully a head coach in the years to come we thought it was important to expand his responsibilities and have him lead our run game.

Coach Muck was a driving force in our state championship run, and he has continued to motivate, mentor and push our kids, reminding them they are capable of so much more. We are lucky to have Coach Muck and look forward to him in his new role.


Does this guy look familiar to any of you? I hope so, because I would not coach a down of football without this coach on our sideline. He has been a rock thru the ups and downs of our program. He has been a mentor, friend, leader and a centerpiece during his six-years on our staff.

Please help me welcome the new offensive coordinator for Scripps Ranch High School, Coach John Taylor.

Wait, what? Who? Coach Taylor? On offense?

Yes!!! Tell me, who knows what makes offenses work better than one of the premier defensive coordinators in San Diego County? Few, if any understand the inner workings of an offense as well as Coach Taylor after spending on average 18 - 24 hours a week watching offensive film. Combine that with the fact that he has been an offensive coordinator before and you have one of the most dedicated, studied, prepared and committed coaches guiding our offense for the 2024 season. Welcome to the fun side of the ball Coach Taylor. Sorry, I'm an offensive guy (pun intended).


Guess who's coming back. That's right, thanks in large part to Coach Taylor, and the support of this returning coach's family, Coach Chris Blevins in coming back to Scripps. Please help me welcome back our new QB coach.

I don't think I need to spend a lot of time talking about who this guy is or what he's done for our program. But I will say this, Coach Blevins' return and the incredible relationship and friendship he and Coach Taylor have, including eating lunch and talking football together everyday at Mira Mesa HS, means we are going to have some fun on the offensive side of the ball.

We are interviewing coaches at the receiver and running back positions, and we are lucky enough to have Coach Cris Floyd and a few new coaches on the offensive side of the ball.

Get ready for 2024. It starts in the classroom. It extends to the field. And it culminates in what we want to be a great fall football season.

Thanks All,

Coach G

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