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The 2022 Dead Period

The 2022 Dead Period Has Been Adjusted for the First Annual Golf Tournament

June 23rd thru July 7th, 2022

The Dead Period is a great time to get away, not think, talk, practice or play any type of football, whatsoever. Enjoy it. It's for you, your kids and the coaching staff. During that time, players and coaches may not have contact with each other. It is officially called a no contact period and is designed to give STUDENT-Athletes, families and coaches a break.

Mark your calendars. The dead period was slightly adjusted to allow us all to enjoy the first annual Golf Tournament. Don't worry, we do not anticipate scheduling any events during the original dates.


Reminder - We take December and part of January off. We resume off-season strength and conditioning workout in late January through Spring Break, then we resume until the Dead Period.


For future reference the 2023 Dead Period is tentatively scheduled for June 26th thru July 10th, 2023.

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