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Update - September 2, 2021

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

FAQ's, Covid Protocol, Study Hall, Fundraising, Volunteers, and Study Hall


We've received some great questions. Here are the answers:

Q: Do we practice on Labor Day?

A: Yes. Always. We don't miss opportunities to get better. We plan on practicing as early as possible to keep us from impacting the rest of the day. The time is To Be Determined because we are still waiting for word from another team regarding their schedule.

And yes, all of our opponents will be practicing on Labor Day. Thanks Stoney.

Q: Will the Freshmen play any Freshmen Only games this season?

A: Yes. We are trying to schedule four or five games. Keep in mind, many of our scheduled JV and Varsity opponents do not have freshmen programs. So match ups aren't as simple as playing the same team.

We have also had a "numbers" issue. This always happens when there is no Pop Warner team from the previous year. Obviously Covid eliminated that possibility. Fortunately, we've had six more kids join the freshmen team making it a little easier to field a team with players in all positions.

We had a game schedule for Thursday, September 1st. Unfortunately, our opponent was not able to play as planned.

Q: Uniforms. What are we wearing? What condition are our uniforms in?

A: Varsity will be in our grays. We try to save them for special occasions. Apparently the kids (captains) decided the home opener was reason enough.

Overall our uniforms at lower levels are in bad shape (worn, discolored, missing matching numbers). We are long overdue to pass down varsity's cardinal and white combinations to JV. That would leave us with home grays and no road white uni's for varsity. A new set, is approximately $13,000. When we buy a new set of high quality uniforms at that price we typically receive a new set of freshmen uniforms at no charge.

If we are able to reach our fundraising goals, we will purchase new uniforms to retire what the JV/Freshmen are currently wearing and get two new sets.

Our request for $650 is divided into three parts. The first $200 covers our Falcon Gear, which includes multiple types of cardinal, white and navy blue shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and bags, which the teams uses six days a week. The rest of the $200 goes directly to purchasing new uniforms.

Q: When will the kids get their Falcon Gear?

A: As soon as we have enough donations. The ten (10) items the kids get costs. So we have to raise enough money from direct donations to cover them. I'd like to place an order on Tuesday, September 7th, IF we receive additional donations over the Labor Day Weekend.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your direct donations. We have received $650 donations from 30 of the much needed 53 families. That's 57% of our goal. With just over 90 student-athletes in the program, 33% have donated.

We need to reach our goal of 53 families, and we need at least 60% of our all families to donate at least $200 to cover our expenses, including Falcon Gear.

We can do it. We just need your help.


If you were able to donate $650, we owe you season passes for all home games. I have a stack of passes on my desk. I will leave them at the ticket window for pickup tomorrow. The swag associated with your donation will be here soon. We don't want to go to production before we give you all an opportunity to help, and get your swag.


The calendar ( has been updated. All current game times and locations are there. Also, the new practice times now that we are back in school are listed. You will notice we practice a little later every Wednesday because another team has the field before us and neither of us have sixth period. There will also be Field Hockey games that change our schedule. Everything we are aware of to date is listed on the calendar.


We started Study Hall in earnest today. I will discuss that more in detail next week. If you haven't had a chance, be sure and review our SCHOOL FIRST program.


We still need volunteers. Please take a look at the areas we could use your help.


We saved the most complicated for last. Below is a copy of the latest Covid Decision Tree. Take a look to determine what happens if you kid has Covid symptoms, is exposed or tests positive or negative for Covid.

Download PDF • 804KB

We have been adamant about masks and social distancing. We understand mask breaks when the kids are six feet apart outdoors and we do not wear masks in the weight room or on the field. But we are relentless about doing what we can to keep our kids safe and Covid free.

You should all already be aware that vaccinated kids cannot be exposed, and there is no quarantine requirement when sitting next to students in class that are within six feet for longer than 15 minutes. Vaccination also eliminates the weekly testing requirement we anticipate will start in the next few weeks. The unvaccinated, if exposed are out for up to 14 days. More information is available in the Decision Tree.

As usual, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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