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New Freshmen Head Coach - Brian Moore

We are excited to announce our newest head coach.

To build a strong program we must have dedicated teachers. So who better than someone who has shown his commitment to football in Scripps Ranch for over a decade and a great defensive coordinator and amazing speed and conditioning coach already in the Falcon Football Family and at Speed to Enhance Performance (S.T.E.P.), then Coach Brian Moore.

The foundation and culture of the Falcon Football Family is taught from day one. So you must have a freshmen head coach that knows our entire program in and out, understands what we expect from all of our STUDENT/Athletes and can connect with each player to teach them how to play the game, the right way.

According to Head Coach Marlon Gardinera, "It is one of the most important jobs in our program. A really good coach prepares each kid for success on and off the field, so we are lucky to have one of the best, in Coach Moore."

Coach Moore will lead incoming freshmen this summer in our camp/workouts and at the start of football on August 1st, 2019.

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