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Speed to Enhance Performance (S.T.E.P. Academy) is Back

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

If you want to play faster you have to get faster. What better way to do that then to train with the best.

One of the premier speed, agility and conditional instructional training programs in Greater San Diego County is back. Led by Coach Rod Williams and Coach Brian Moore, S.T.E.P. has open workouts at the following times and days:

  • Wednesday Mornings - 6 am

  • Saturday Afternoons - Time TBD

Spped to Enhance Performance

Coach Rod Williams has over 20 years of coaching experience in Track & Field and Football at all levels. S.T.E.P Academy’s training regime was built by Coach Rod to increase athletes speed, agility, muscle memory and conditioning in various sports.  

As a certified instructor trained by United States of America Track and Field Association (USATF), Rod was the co-head coach of Scripps Ranch High School Track Team when they won six consecutive Eastern League Division Championships. Coach Rod is also a track and field coach at Poway High School.

Coach Brian Moore is an instructor and business manager for S.T.E.P. Academy. He is certified and trained by United States of America Track and Field (USTAF) at the Level One track and field coach training. Brian has many years of experience as a youth and high school football and track and field coach, including his current role as a track coach at Torry Pines High School. He has trained youth athletes in speed improvement, physical conditioning, strength and endurance, in various sports disciplines. He has three years of college football experience where he played NCAA Division II.

Join us and "Enhance Your Performance with the Speed to Compete TODAY!"

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