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The Safest Helmet to Date - VICIS

I am not making a coach/school recommendation, I am just telling you what I am going to get for my son. Remember, I am a Dad first!

A few things happen each off-season. College recruiters call, email and come to see me Monday - Friday, every week. And the vendors start showing up with the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets. Since most are hawking products that are similar in nature I rarely say much unless I am asked or if the vendor is in position to make our football family an offer or discount we can't refuse. Well, one of these vendors caught my eye. And here is why...

Again, I am not endorsing any product. But I did see first hand how the technology works in my office. And from my laypersons perspective, the absorption is real. Real enough that I intend to purchase one for my son this off-season.

As much as I'd love to purchase the VICIS helmet for our entire team, they are far too expensive ($700 - $850) with our limited budget. We (San Diego Unified School District and our Booster Club) normally purchase helmets between $200 - $300 each. We buy top-of-the-line Riddell Speed and SpeedFlex's. It's what you see when you watch the NFL and NCAA college football teams on television. They are great. And I am comfortable with my son wearing them, as he has for the last two seasons. BUT, since VICIS inaugural product, the ZERO1 football helmet, launched in 2017 and ranked first in 2017 and 2018 NFL/NFLPA Helmet Performance testing, and was named one of TIME Magazine's 25 Best Inventions of 2017. VICIS was also named one of Fast Company's 2018 Most Innovative Companies. And because I have seen it with my own eyes I am going to try it.

Now, back to the offer. VICIS has created a Scripps Ranch High School Football 2019 store for our team with a nice discount on their products. It is not a fundraiser and we do not get a kick-back, donation or any fees or commissions. But they are offering 15% discount before March 31st and the discount will drop to 10% on April 1st. They know what color helmets we wear and the same for face mask. Be warned, they do offer different color face masks and shields. Don't bother with colors for either. You can only wear clear shields and the team (white) face masks. No exceptions.

I do not recommend shields in general because they just get foggy and dirty and are more likely to impair their vision. Besides, most kids wear them because they think they are cool. Not for any practical purpose. However, if you are more comfortable with an additional barrier between players and your child's face, that decision is all yours to make.

As usual, if you have any questions about the helmets, feel free to reach our to me directly. I'd be happy to answer any questions. Or you can call or email our VICIS rep, Mike Finney 970.978.7704.

Remember, each STUDENT/Athlete that participates in football is provided with a certified new or reconditioned helmet. All are relatively new and we are committed to updating our inventory every year with the help of our Scripps Ranch Football Booster Club and the San Diego Unified School District. We do the same with shoulder pads. Additionally, no STUDENT/Athlete is withheld from any activity, given any different equipment based on income and ability to pay. We are a football family and no child go without in our program. Money will not be a barrier for participation or inclusion.

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