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It wasn't the traditional send off, but it was a great day to be part of the Falcon Football Family. The graduation parade was an awesome way to see our boys one last time before they head off to college, the military and the work force. And some of them added more great memories before they left (thanks to Dillon, Connor, and Joey). It was great seeing them all one more time.

I want to wish each of these young men the absolute best. Each has proven they can work hard, reach new heights and create their own success, just like they did for Scripps Ranch High School. We will miss you. We will also be there for each and every one of you if you need anything from the family. Enjoy your new role as a member of the #FalconFootballFamily Alumni. A new organization is being created to keep us all connected to you.

Commonly referred to as “The Class” because of tremendous amount of talent, their work ethic and the brotherhood. They have lived up to everything we hoped and dreamed for. They will always be remembered for their success in the classroom and on the field. We thank them for rebuilding a culture of excellence in football at Scripps Ranch High School.

Find out where some of #FalconFootballFamily will be playing next...

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