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SCHOOL FIRST - Suspension from Football as a Last Resort

After all else has failed, and it is clear the primary issue is effort and attitude, sometimes the best medicine is no football.

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes it is the best answer. If we identify that a STUDENT/Athlete's effort and attitude are the primary problem, we will remove that player from football practices and games. Not as a punishment, but as an opportunity to learn the priority, work on SCHOOL FIRST and take the necessary steps to achieve.

Before we get to this step, we typically have exhausted all other avenues. We've talked with the STUDENT/Athlete, their teacher(s), counselor, admin if necessary. We've spoke to the parents, we've created and followed up on The Improvement Plan. We've done everything we can to reset the priorities and get the STUDENT/Athlete back on the path to success.

Again, this is a last resort. We don't remove the STUDENT Athlete from the Falcon Football Family. We just give them the time they need to understand our priority for all team members.

When progress is made and all interested parties agree, we bring the STUDENT/Athlete back on the field with their team.

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