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Summer Workouts

Open workouts are available to all starting Monday, June 17th through the Dead Period. It restarts on Monday, July 8th - July 26th.

Summer workouts are an AAU club activity, that runs before and after the dead period in the mornings Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 2 pm. Club activities are open to all high school and incoming high school students. Summer workouts include weight lifting, speed training and 7-on-7. If you have a younger STUDENT/Athlete, contact us for information about our youth program.

All participants must be AAU Members.

Frequently Asked Questions (Summer Workouts)

Do the workouts cost?

Yes. World-class training and equipment is not free. In order to offset costs associated with running our camp and our football program, we charge $125 for all four weeks and $100 for any shorter time frame. Make checks payable to SRHS Football Boosters. Cash is accepted.

What is the summer workout schedule? (See Calendar)

  • First Week - July 17 - 21 (Wednesday Off)

  • Weeks 2, 3, & 4 - July 8th - 26th (Wednesdays Off)

What time do the workouts start and end?

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - Noon to 2 pm

Who runs the workouts?

We are fortunate enough have one of the nations best strength and conditioning coaches right here at the high school. Scripps Ranch's own Todd Durkin (Fitness Quest 10) and his amazing crew run our workouts.

Can freshmen attend summer workouts?

Incoming freshmen may participate in club sports. All participants must be AAU Members.

What if we've already planned a trip that is not in the dead period?

Summer workouts are run by the AAU club team and are optional. Each workout is a great opportunity for STUDENT/Athletes to develop their bodies and practice their skills. However, summer workouts are voluntary, so going on vacation, spending time with families or whatever else is okay. Playing time in season is given to the best players at each position according to the teams needs as assessed by the coaching staff after the official start of football on August 1st.

What if our child is going on the Canyon Springs House Boat Trip?

See above, and enjoy!

When does high school football start?

High school football starts on August 1st at 9 am at Scripps Ranch High School. 10410 Falcon Way, San Diego, CA 92131. For more information about the high school team or program, contact head coach, Marlon Gardinera.

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