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Spring Football is HERE!

Mandatory Spring Football Starts Monday, May 15th

Spring Football is three weeks of CIF-sanctioned football practice, without helmets and pads. It is regular practice with our entire coaching staff and the entire team. It isn't an AAU club activity, every high school in the state has spring football. Unlike our open/optional workouts, spring football is mandatory. All freshmen and JV spring sports will be done by the time we start. Some varsity team will be in the playoffs (baseball, track, volleyball, badminton). Team members will be expected to check-in, attend meetings and view practiced when available. As soon as their respective sport is done, full participation in Spring Football is mandatory

DATES (Tentative & Subject to Change)

The tentative schedule is listed here, but WILL change. We will update you all with changes via WhatsApp. (See Calendar)


ALL FOOTBALL PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED. PARTICIPATION IS MANDATORY. We only get three weeks. If you believe you have a conflict with another sport, communicate with Coach Gardinera directly. However, wrestling, basketball and other off-season workouts and practices are not valid reasons to miss football. Again, if you think you have a conflict, speak to Coach G directly.


During spring football we will complete the install of our new offense, and install changes in our defense. We also start assessing players for participation at the varsity level and preparing for what we expect to be a great 2023 season.

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