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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Grade Checks, Progress Reports and Study Group

In a traditional year, progress reports come out every six weeks, versus the new four and a half week schedule. Here is the new schedule.

At the nine or ten week mark, our STUDENT/Athletes will have completed a full semester for the three classes they are enrolled in. Those grades become a part of their transcripts for college. In both cases, progress reports and semester grades impact eligibility to participate in sports.

Study Groups

We have started a few study groups where seniors, juniors and some sophomores are assisting each other and freshmen in difficult classes or on difficult assignments. A great example of that is the new physics teacher, Mr. Erlagen. He has limited office hours (Mondays Only), however we have a number of freshmen with really good questions throughout the week. So when a parent asked if there was anyone that could help their son with this class we put out the request. Within minutes we had several volunteers. One of them in particular (Becca, Sr. Varsity) stepped up and helped out. There are now six kids in that study group.

If one of our family members needs help with a particular subject or a class, let us know. We are happy to set up a study group. Using WhatsApp, students have been connecting via the video chat in the app.

Flex Time (After 1:30 pm)

Because we are not in school we are obviously not able to have study hall. But, there are two benefits to our new quarter system that work well as replacements in what is otherwise a difficult situation.

First, Flex Time is a great way to get help directly from your teachers. And we recommend our STUDENT/Athletes go to their teacher as often as needed to master the material being taught. If that means everyday, our expectation is that they connect everyday. We don't want the team members falling behind or unable to grasp new lessons as a result of not learning previous ones. Having said that, I am aware of a few teachers with limited office hours after the three period day is over. I have met with our administration twice to see what they can do to increase teacher availability when we have a number of students needing help more frequently then the teacher is currently available. The other is study groups.

Our Standards

Remember, our standards are higher than the State of California's minimum performance level of 2.0 for athletic eligibility. We require a 3.0 to play in our program.

We Help Our STUDENT/Athletes

We have already completed our first grade check. It went well for Varsity and JV because they have been through it before and know our expectations. It was a little rough for some freshmen, as accountability from a third party is rare. But we absolutely hold them to account. We also help them achieve their personal and team goals.

If you have any questions or are not familiar with our SCHOOL FIRST policy, feel free to ask. In all cases, we are always willing to work with families on their individual scenarios. Our policy to set up to help students achieve, not be excluded.

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