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SCHOOL FIRST - The Improvement Plan

It's our job to help our STUDENT/Athletes achieve. And we take that responsibility seriously. So we developed improvement plans to get students back on track.

If SCHOOL FIRST is going to work, we have to work for our STUDENT/Athletes. That starts with The Improvement Plan.

Step #1

Identify the need. We do that with Grade Checks, calls and emails from teachers and parents.

Step #2

Identify the problem. We do that by talking to the STUDENT/Athletes, teachers and parents. If it is the standard effort issue, we take care of it by requiring more effort. When necessary we put football on the back burner, providing more time for the STUDENT/Athlete to focus on SCHOOL FIRST.

If the problem requires additional support, we start with teachers, then counselors, then the administration if needed to make sure our STUDENT/Athletes get what they need to have success.

Step #3

Follow Up. A plan without follow up is useless. The Head Coach, Marlon Gardinera and our Defensive Coordinator and teacher John Taylor personally follow up with STUDENT/Athletes to be sure progress is being made.


IEP and 504's and other education related accommodations can be made on request. How does that work for football? We've had students who need extra time to complete assignments, homework, study/preparation for school work. And in each case we work with staff, counselors, administration and families to make SCHOOL FIRST. Allowing STUDENT/Athletes to miss football related activities without penalty or developing alternative to our study hall requirements, etc. That's why we call our approach to academics SCHOOL FIRST.

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1 Comment

May 19, 2019

The third sentence under School First, the Improvement Plan is incorrect. The word should be developed, not development.

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