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What We Do for College Prospects

The combination of SCHOOL FIRST, our comprehensive football program and recruiting is our recipe for preparing our student-athletes for college with or without football.

Step #1 - Intro to Recruiting - Zoom Meeting #1

Class of '22, '23, and '24 introduction to the recruiting process and what we do for you. This will be the first of several Zoom meetings for any one interested in the recruiting process.

We will cover the following on a high level and then address each in group and one-on-one meetings with players and families:

  1. Where players would like to be (Top 10 List)

  2. Where players are and what it takes to get where they want to be

  3. Differences between D1-FBS, D1-FCS, D2, D3, NAIA

  4. List of ALL SCHOOLS from every level

  5. Player Profiles

    1. Subject Lines

    2. Content

  6. Film (Good, and BAD)

  7. Film Review (Coach G & Coach Taylor)

  8. NCAA Eligibility No.

  9. Create Manage Twitter Presence

  10. Prospect Sheet


  12. Coach G's Contacts

  13. Recruiters at SRHS

  14. How to Find & Talk to Coaches

  15. Camps

Step #2 - Individual Meeting w/Players & Family

Meetings will be scheduled the week of April 25th

Step #3 - Creating Player Profiles

Players should be working on player profiles, based on information provided in our last meeting.

Step #4 - Review/Post Film

Player should have highlights "Starred" in Hudl for review

Step #5 - Create/Manage Twitter Presence

Step #6 - Add Profile to Prospect Sheet / Online Profile

Step #7 - Coach G Sends Prospect Lists & Contacts Coaches Directly

Step #8 - Players Finds, Contact Coaches Directly

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