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Real Late, But Very Important...

There were three of them. Three kids I remember vividly from back in 2009. They were playing flag football at Valhalla High School. It was HOT! Very hot! I had my son (Nicholas) with me to watch our first youth football game. The three boys won that game and a championship. Ten years later their head coach, an assistant and all three boys are all still a part of the Falcon Football Family at Scripps Ranch High School. Coach (Rod) Williams, Coach (Frank) Gebase, seniors Mekhi Shaw and Troy Williams and this kid...

Now this one is 18. Watching him for ten years has been a blast, and a pain in the ***. But I love'em. He's like the tall, white, skinny son I never had. He makes me laugh every time I see him and he can make my head come close to exploding by simply making his shoulder touch above his head. Okay he can't really do that, but he can raise them above his head just to make me crazy.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because there are going to be a lot of kids I've watched or coached over the last 9-10 years that are going to be moving on. So seeing pictures of them when they were young, cute and innocent reminds me they are young men now and that I will miss each and every one of them. Especially this one.

Happy Belated "18th" Birthday to one of my favorites, Dillon Gebase!

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