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Our Kids are Vaping!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT - Scripps Ranch's own, Kathleen Blade from Fox 5 News talk about vaping at Scripps Ranch High School. A must read/watch.

When we (parents) were kids, we didn't have an odorless way to smoke anything. So, at least in my case, didn't. My mother would have and likely still would (I love you Mom) kill me if she smelled something on me today. And I am 45 years old. Unfortunately our kids have a way. And it is rampant. And if you didn't think it could be any of our kids, newsflash, it is.

How do I know? Well that is simpler then you think. I just ask. The kids talk. That can't stop talking. And if one of them gets caught, they talk endlessly, trying to minimize the focus on themselves and any potential consequence. Good news is, the kids know I love them. Bad news is, they also know I am a snitch (to parents directly). I want them to be successful and to reduce the negative impact their choices make on themselves and their football family. And I've also seen what many of our risk takers move onto, because I do believe vaping is a gateway for additional risks, that kids eventually tell themselves, "are no big deal." Until they are. Alcohol, often vodka (odorless, in theory, to the kids), marijuana and I've even heard cocaine in some circles. So if we can help stop it at or before vaping, we will try and help.

Fortunately our school is aware and working to help. Watch or read to learn more about how.

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