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Now what for JV & Freshmen?

You are probably wondering what happens now if your son is on JV or the freshmen team. Well, you are in the right place.

Both the JV and Freshmen seasons are technically over. There are no more games for either team. However, several JV players will be joining varsity for the remainder of the season. We will let them know who over the next two days. The rest of the JV and Freshmen still have a couple of things to take care of.

Discount Cards

Sell them, ALL. $500 worth. All players have been asked to check in with me after school to update us on the status of their sales from this weekend. We will do that every Monday and Thursday until all of the money is in. That money will be used to cover all remaining expenses and to pay our coaching staff. Time is of the essence. We'd like to wrap up all sales by Nov 9th. All sales.

Football Gear

We will setup a gear (uniform, helmets and shoulder pads) a.s.a.p. Please clean all items thoroughly, accept helmets, before returning the items. All helmets will be reconditioned by the school if you intend the use them next year. We will mark them. But they must be submitted at gear return.


To Be Announced

Winter, Spring & Summer Workouts

We will start winter workouts in late January or early February. We HIGHLY encourage kids to tryout for and play other sports (we love wrestling, even though baseball is the greatest sport ever). However, if they do not, we HIGHLY encourage them to be at our workouts. More information about that later.

Playoff Games

While attendance is not mandatory, we'd love to have the entire Falcon Football Family at our games to root us on. Some players may be asked to help out on the sideline. We will give out jerseys ahead of time so they can wear them to the games.

Falcon Gear

If your son has not picked up the second set of workout gear (shorts and shirts), we will schedule a day and time a.s.a.p. for that as well. They will need them for winter, spring and summer workouts. No, the standards do not change, so we expect them in the right attire at the right time. And they will use those items endlessly throughout the rest of the year. So please don't let them cut them up. They will definitely need them, even if they play other sports.

Grade Checks & Study Hall

Do grade checks continue? YES. We track grades all year. Not as frequently, but we have to stay on top of things to maintain our standards. Yes, even if they play another sport.

We do not, however, continue study hall. We recommend it (in the library, where tutors will be available all year. But we don't know their schedules once they are done with us.

Hopefully that answers a few lingering questions. If not, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.


Coach G

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