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NO WILD COLOR CLEATS! Black or White (white is preferred)

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

I wanted to get ahead of the spending spree our kids try to convince us to go on.

Unfortunately, for our wallets, our kids feet get bigger every year. With that, they want the latest greatest everything (SWAG) to look good, play faster and be the cool kid with the coolest stuff. Well, that isn't necessary in this program. Exhibit A:

A good kid did a good thing earlier today. He sent an email to ask me if these were okay. Partly because he has heard me say "black or white" enough times to know he should probably check. And I appreciated his effort. But NO (English, Spanish, Italian and others).

NEE (Afrikaans, Dutch). NAO (Portuguese). NIET (Russian). NEIN (German). NAHI (Hindi). VOCH (Armenian) NON (French). LA' (Arabic). NA (Bengali). NE (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech). M hěi (Cantonese). VTLA (Cherokee). NEJ (Danish). EI (Estonian, Finnish), OCHI (Greek), ʻAʻOLE (Hawaiian). LOH (Hebrew). Ie (Japanese). Meiyou (Mandarin). Næh (Persian). Khong (Vietnamese). CHA (Zulu). I can go on...

All of which inevitably leads to the question of why. Simple answer, "TEAM." We don't modify our uniforms, we show up, strap their cleats, shoulder pads and helmets on and get ready to play. The ME, ME attitude has no place in our program. Now don't get me wrong, their personalities shine through, which we encourage. But not so much that they forget that it takes eleven (11) teammates to do the right thing at the same time to get the job done. So we try and do the little things to remind them, TEAM, not me. And this is one of those areas.


Black or white please. An accent color won't kill anyone. Cardinal, navy blue, hints of silver, not a fan of gold, are all cool. But fluorescent, rainbow, metallic, ME, ME cleats. NO. If you have already purchased a colorful, interesting pair, we may be able to help financially to get something more appropriate.

Undershirts, Sleeves, Sox, Bandanas, Etc.

White. Not cardinal or navy blue. White. We try to provide the essentials in our Falcon Gear packs, but the kids find creative, sometimes cool ways to accessorize. But we are a team. So we will wear white underneath our uniforms.

I am sure I am missing something. When I remember, I will send an update.

Thanks all. And remember, comfort and fit are far more important than looking cool with sore feet.

Coach G

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