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Am I My Brother's Keeper? As a matter of fact, YES, you are!

If you are going to wear the Cardinal, Blue and White, you are your Brother's Keeper. Look out for your Brother's in school and out, forever! The age old question, "I am my brother's keeper?" is very easy to answer in this football program. The answer is yes, you are your brother's keeper.

SR Pop Warner & High School Together as One

At a time when kids are trying to figure out who they are, it is not uncommon for them to experiment, make bad choices and find trouble. So we do what we can to combat that reality by expecting each member of our team to look out for one another.

If someone is headed for trouble, we expect (within reason) for team members to encourage their brothers to make the right choice. If one of their brothers is in trouble, we expect them to call for help. And while we understand no teenage kid should be held responsible for the actions of others, whenever and wherever they can help their brothers, we expect them too.

Big Brothers / Little Brothers

Upperclassmen on the football team are paired up with underclassmen as Big/Little Brothers. It is the Big Brother's job to lookout for their Little Brother. To answer questions about the campus, where to find things, how to conduct themselves as a member of the Falcon Football Family and anything else they need.

Little Brothers are expected to check in with their Big Brothers when they need help. Or to just say hi, as our varsity upperclassmen are never to take their Little Brother's for granted.

Extends to Pop Warner

We extend that relationship to the local Scripps Ranch Pop Warner. Each of our football players is paired with a Little Brother at the Pop Warner level. We know the little ones see some of our STUDENT/Athletes like giants. So we expect them to connect, Big and Little to both set an example and to be their for each other. Our Big Brothers also make a point of support their Little Brothers at a game or two each season.

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