2022-23 Fundraisers

Five Fundraisers, One Goal = $100,000

After the most successful season in #FalconFootballFamily history (CIF-San Diego & CIF State Champions) on the field, (Team GPA - 3.74) in the classroom and through our booster club (over $100,000 raised), we are gearing up to do it all again.

It cost approximately $1,200 per player to cover all expenses for the year.

Here's how we do it:

(1) DIRECT DONATION REQUEST FOR $650 (Goal - $35,000)

For less than $2.60 per day, for the 250 days a year, on average we see your student-athlete, you can help us reach our goal of fifty-four (54) families donating $650. Here is a breakdown of what the $650/year covers.

$200 - Falcon Gear & Uniforms

Each student-athlete will receive shorts, shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants and other swag. Those items will be the most frequently used items in your child's closet, as we use them in each of the 250 days we will be together. Your donation will also allow us to purchase one new set of uniforms, our first addition in three seasons.

$150 - Year Round Strength & Condition Program, Specialized Workouts & Training

For Example - Todd Durkin and the team from Fitness Quest 10 has been and continues to be our strength and conditioning coach(es). They manage all training programs, nutrition, allows our club team to use his facility, provides six to eight trainers for summer workouts, and manages off-season workouts for all team members. We pay pennies on the dollar for all of it.

$300 - Season Expenses

The remaining portion covers all in-season expenses, including but not limited to:

  1. Coaches Compensation (above the 19.5 units provided by district) - $25,000

  2. Equipment - Sleds, Pads, Practice Jerseys, Footballs, Cones - $15,000

  3. Game Day Video / Hudl - $7,500

  4. Banquets - $5,500

  5. Safety Equipment (Additional Helmets / Shoulder Pads) - $5,000

  6. Insurance, Tax Prep, Fees, Web Site - $3,500

IMPORTANT - No #FalconFootballFamily member will go without ANYTHING, EVER, if their family is not in position to donate. We will provide everything to everyone. We are grateful to families in position to donate more than the $650 requested, to help cover the costs for everyone.



The kids take care of the next one, selling them throughout the community.

This will be our third year selling the very popular discount cards with savings on local Scripps Ranch businesses. On average, we sell over $20,000 worth, year-after-year.

Discount cards were distributed today in July of 2022.




Each year we use an email campaign, sending donation requests via email to extended family members and friends. We using Vertical Raise to carry out this fundraiser.



We are looking for volunteers willing to help us reach our to local businesses for their support. Contact Mary Ringenbach for more information.



Visit learn more, register or find sponsorship opportunities.

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