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Happy Birthday to a Kid Making the Most of it All

Very rarely does a kid start playing tackle football his junior year. Even more rare is that kid getting considerably stronger, become a starter, and be as dedicated as it gets while having his priorities straight. Well this kid has it all.

Last spring Jack came to me and said, "Coach I am going to miss some of the summer workouts." To which I responded, "why, this time?" This time because he has missed before, volunteering at youth summer camps. He said he was going to the Stevens Institute of Technology Pre-College Program. At that moment I was reminded that success isn't an accident. It is mapped out, worked for and earned. Jack is doing all of the above on and off the field.

Jack Hoover is everything you hope for as a coach. He isn't the fastest, he only has a year of experience, but he does everything he can to be the best he can. For that I say, thank you for being part of the Falcon Football Family!

Happy "17th" Jack Hoover.

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