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Guess what?

We did it. I was named the Chargers - Coach of the Week thanks to all of you.

As you can imagine we are having a blast. And it all starts and ends with the boys. They have done just about everything we've asked and I think they are starting to see what they are capable of. Of course we can't leave out the staff. We have an amazing coaching and support staff. There are people spending countless hours focused on your sons success on the field and off. It is making this a season we will never forget.

Here are just a few of the special moments from this amazing season:

  • The best DEFENSE in San Diego County

  • Team reached our #1 Goal - 3.71 GPA

  • Tied the school record for wins

  • 8 - 0 for the first time in school history

  • Two Falcons received a scholarship offers, with more to come

  • Unbelievable support from our parents and our community

just to name a few. And here are a few things you can expect over the next week:

  • Pick up a copy of Thursday's (October 24th) Union-Tribune for a great story

  • Watch Fox, KUSI and NBC's coverage of players and the team's success in the classroom

  • More conversations with college coaches around the country

  • One of two chances to win our first league title in 25 years (Goal #2)

  • Another opportunity to get better on the field and off

Thank you all for the support and joining us on this incredible ride.

And thanks again for your votes. You helped us earn $1,000 for the Falcon Football Family.

Coach G

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