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SCHOOL FIRST, Free SAT Prep (, and then GET YOKED!

Coach Durkin has done it again. In addition to being a world-class trainer, author, speaker and all around great guy, our #FalconFootballFamily donor, QB/Strength & Condition Coach has created a way for us to Get Yoked. A greaty way to get ready for football and create healthy habits during this crazy time.

Get Started Here:

A Message from Coach Durkin:

Based on feedback from parents and kids, my kids nudging me, and some whispers from the big Man upstairs, I decided to create my first-ever Training Program for TEENS in the quarantine…and to do it in less than 14-days. What started off as “I’ll just create a PDF program so kids could print it out and do it,” my kids quickly enlightened me and said, “Dad, kids don’t print out PDF’s. They will only do it if they can do it on their phones.” “Oh, OK. Good information for a strength coach designing programs for TEENS.” So what started off as a “simple” project, turned into creating a “university.” Literally. Welcome to a complete new experience called “Todd Durkin University.”

It was literally 7-days of working around the clock so that…

  • Kids could have a complete, comprehensive strength & conditioning program all housed in a private-password protected website so they could access it on their PHONES whenever they want.

  • Videos of every strength workout to enhance the teaching and user experience. My kids said it was important to SHOW kids HOW to do the movements. Done.

  • 30 audio messages to “Get Your Mind Right” could be housed on the private-password protected site and accessed at any time.

  • We could deliver the BEST workout experience for you now in the WORST of times!!!

Done. Done. Done. And 99% Done.

It’s an IMPACT-inspired training program geared for TEENS (13-18 years old primarily) but anyone who wants a kick-butt body weight workout program could use it!

Although it is primarily BODY WEIGHT (you do NOT have to have any equipment to do the entire program; I do have some bonus Dumbbell workouts in there for those of you with some equipment), it’s a butt-kicker indeed. I’ve been using it on my kids (17, 15, 12) and they are loving it.

Here are some of the highlights of the #QuarantineCrusher “GET YOKED” program:

  • 4-weeks long; 6 workouts per week. Yep. No easy way out.

  • 30 audio “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT” messages from yours truly.

  • 4 audio “GET YOUR SOUL RIGHT” meditations.

  • Complete nutrition program that is customizable whether you want to gain weight/mass or get lean.

  • Bonus/And then some. Interviews with pro athletes, extra workouts, and some surprise challenges in here you will love.

  • It’s 100% mobile friendly and digital.

  • Private-password protected site.

Training. Nutrition. Mindset. Soulset. BOOM!!! #GETYOKED


  1. “5 Principles of a Champions Mindset” with Todd Durkin

  2. “Top Tips for Recruiting Now with the Pandemic” with Steve Shenbaum

  3. “A Champion’s Mindset” with Super Bowl MVP QB Drew Brees

  4. “Be Ready When Your Number is Called—Going from a Backup to Starter” with Detroit Lions QB, Chase Daniel

  5. “Talking Nutrition, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, and Getting Yoked for Teens” with Performance Nutritionist Trey Triplette

  6. Extra Workouts: – ARM FARM – Core Crusher – YOGA

The program will officially start Monday, April 13th. But if you order it today, you receive it for FREE. Just email or text Coach Gardinera for the code,

Take a look at ALL the details here and GET YOKED!!!!

See all details of GETYOKED now...

Don’t delay…get started today. It’s time to GET YOKED!! Coach Durkin

P.S. Questions?If you have any questions on the program, email me back at I will do my best to get back to you within 24-hours.

Visit to get your program!

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