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Falcon Football Community Service - COMPLETED

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Every year the Falcon Football Family serves our community. We do it to help. We do it to teach the boys that we should always do for others. We do it because individually and collectively we want the boys to know they can accomplish great things on and off the field.

Thank you to the freshmen and JV team members who made it out to serve their community. The did a great job. They worked hard. And they are appreciated. We also want to thank parent Jeff Granucci and Ryan Leighty for being their as well. There was another mother and daugther team there to help. Both were amazing.

We live in the best community in San Diego because we care. We also want to thank Bob Ilko and the newly created Facebook Scripps Ranch Volunteer Group page for the project. Thank you for allowing us to teach our STUDENT/Athletes what it means to pitch in.

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