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Download WhatsApp Today in the AppStore or Google Play Store

New Players and Parents need to download WhatsApp to receive all team messages.

Our primary method of communication for all teams and parents is the free app WhatsApp. You will need to download it to your phone. By default your notifications should be on so you are aware when new messages are sent.

Most messages are sent directly to players. As much as you'd all like to receive all messages to help your child prepare and attend all practices and events, part of being in the #FalconFootballFamily is growing up and being responsible for themselves. They will also have to learn to effectively communicate with their parents. When kids don't do that successfully, they miss, and they learn very quickly that they need to get it together. Don't worry, we help. But the goal is make them take responsibility quickly. They can't rely on us on the field, so we start that lesson and building confidence and independence through communication on day one.

Don't worry, it all works out.

Once you've downloaded it, you will be added to the appropriate team lists.

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