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The Dead Period

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

The Dead Period is a great time to get away, not think, talk, practice or play any type of football, whatsoever. Enjoy it. It's for you, your kids and the coaching staff.

This year our Dead Period will be from June 24th - July 7th. During that time, players/coaches may not have contact with each other. It is officially called a no contact period and is designed to give STUDENT/Athletes, families and coaches a break.

No Contact Period - June 24th - July 7th

Parents always ask, "when is a good time to getaway?" The Dead Period is a great time to take a trip, a stay-cation or just do nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions:

What if we've already planned a trip that is not in the dead period?

Summer workouts are run by the AAU club team and are optional. Each workout is a great opportunity for STUDENT/Athletes to develop their bodies and practice their skills. However, summer workouts are voluntary, so going on vacation, spending time with family or whatever else is okay. Playing time in season is given to the best players at each position according to the teams needs as assessed by the coaching staff after the official start of football on August 1st.

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