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Community Service & Fundraising Opportunity

The #FalconFootballFamily was given an opportunity to serve our community and raise money for our program.

Over the last four years the #FalconFootballFamily has served our community in various ways. Whether it be at challenger events for children with special needs, helping youth sports participants or working in community open spaces. We believe it is important to give back to our community. The support we received is phenomenal and the lessons learned contributing to others is vital.

However, this one is truly mutually beneficial. Beverly Cassidy has asked us to help with setup and breakdown at the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market each Thursday. The market will be making a contribution to the #FalconFootballFamily and allow us a booth each week to sell discount cards to community members.

We'd like four players to volunteer each week for two shifts. It will be best to pair up with a friend. Sign up for a shift here. We will work hard to make sure everyone gets shift before anyone is asked to do a second one.

Players will help setup tables and chairs, direct traffic/parking, sell discount cards and then help breakdown the tables and chairs, empty trash cans and pick up any trash.

This is a great opportunity to serve and raise money for our program.

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