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Thank you for Honoring a Hero

Updated: May 27, 2019

We've asked the boys to join the Celebration of Life for Colonel Bob Dingeman and they absolutely did.

Sunday was an amazing show of support to the Dingeman family and Coach Taylor (a close friend of the Dingemans'). I was proud to be a part of our family as we paid our respects to a man and family that has given endlessly to our country and our community.

We wanted the boys to see what selfless and relentless concern for others looks like. You know we expect more from all of our STUDENT/Athletes, so this was a great opportunity to see what more looks like. Colonel Dingeman was a great man, husband (married for 74 years) and father and he was the epitome of dedication to others.

And thank you to Team Mom Trisha Battaglia for the beautiful flower arrangement presented to the Dingeman family.

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