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And finally, the Space Cadet, turned Stud!

In his first year of Pop Warner this kid was a Space Cadet. Don't worry, he knows. He knew his left from his right, but between the time the play was called and the start of the play, he would forget it all. Fast-forward to today and he jumped in for an injured senior at one of the most important positions on our amazing defense (middle linebacker - Mike Back) as a sophomore and he has been getting it done.

Stepping up to varsity as a sophomore shouldn't come as a surprise. On the first day of Spring Practices Xander stepped on the field like the job was his. He worked hard, learned everything he could and made an impression on the coaches that made it easy to go to him when our senior starter went down. It also helps that he is pretty darn good too.

Thanks for being a part of the Falcon Football Family Xander. And Happy Birthday Kid!

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