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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

If you missed out special guest Marcus Preciado from Altisimo Sports, it's not to late...

Updated on April 10th -

On behalf of our entire Falcon Football Family I want to thank Marcus Preciado from Altisimo Sports ( for coming out to share how to get and stay on the radar of college coaches. It was a great meeting, with very useful information and great questions.

If you missed it, feel free to reach out to Marcus through his web site. He would be happy to help you and your STUDENT/Athlete. Also, ask about the discount he offered our Falcon Family members for his services if you decide to work with him. I highly recommend Marcus and his service. I (Coach G) will absolutely being using for my family.

Original Post

Our guest, stated simply will be coming to help our kids pursue college sports. And when you consider how much time and energy we put into SCHOOL FIRST, I am excited to introduce you and our kids to someone who can help those who should play at the next level do just that. You will see why we value getting our team GPA from 3.59 to the magic number 3.60 really matters.

Have you ever heard of Diego Preciado? Probably not. But he is one of two kids from San Diego County's Class of 2019 on Stanford University's football roster next fall. His father, Marcus Preciado is our special guest and he is going to tell us how they did it and introduce us to his new business, Altisimo Sports.

I consider it part of my job to prepare the team for college with or without football. So I have met with a few dozen more coaches this off-season just as I did the year before. I've also seen and heard a number of sales pitches from recruiting services and gurus. But Marcus Preciado's approach was definitely the most compelling use of research, email, social media, camps, unofficial visits and go old fashioned relationship building with places your son wants to go, rather then hoping random schools find him. Talent, grades and body types matter, but if your son can or will check off some of those boxes Marcus will present effective ways to get your son in front of the right colleges and universities.

With so many colleges at multiple levels (D1 FBS, D1 FCS, D2, D3, NAIA), and so few recruiters to get to all of the kids, I learned more in an hour about connecting and building relationships with colleges and universities then I knew when I went through the process myself 25 years ago. So much so, I will definitely be using Altisimo Sports for my son.

Come meet Marcus Preciado Tuesday, April 9th after our booster club meeting.

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