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AAU Membership Renewal or New Members

Renewing or Becoming an AAU Member

AAU Memberships cost $16 per year. All members should purchase Extended (A/B) coverage. Visit for more information about coverage, terms and conditions or to renew or become an AAU Member.

SR Football Club Information

In the sign-up process, you must select the following to connect your Youth AAU Membership to our AAU Club.

  • Membership Type = Football - Flag, 7x7

  • Coverage = Extended A/B

  • Club Name = SR Football

  • Club Code = W3ADT6

If you already have an active, associate membership with our Club, SR Football - W3ADT6

  1. Log in to AAU -


  3. Change Club Code to W3ADT6

  4. Confirm with Coach Gardinera via email -

IMPORTANT - As usual with all SR Football activities, we would never allow a STUDENT/Athlete to miss out on an activity for financial reasons. If you are not able to obtain an AAU Membership, contact Coach G for assistance.

All out of season activities are sponsored by our Booster Club and the American Athletic Union. Membership is required for participation.

The AAU Membership year runs from September 1 to August 31. Membership is required for all SR Football winter, spring and summer activities. AAU provides up to $50,000 in sports accident insurance coverage when participating in AAU licensed events which is very important as these activities are not school sponsored activities. SR Football is an AAU registered organization.

About AAU

AAU is the largest multi-sport non-profit organization in the country, participating in 41 sports at local, regional, and national events. AAU offers coverage up to $50,000 in sports accident insurance when participating in AAU licensed events you can choose the Extended Benefit Membership (AB) coverage so you are protected while playing in non-AAU events under certain circumstances. Enjoy special offers from AAU partners such as discounts on Eastbay products, special rates from Nationwide, fundraising opportunities with Save Around or recruiting services from CaptainU. There are also mandatory background screening of all AAU non-athlete (coach) members. Be part of AAU's illustrious alumni including Shaquille O'Neal, Dwayne Wade, Ezekiel Elliott, David Wright and others who got there start here

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