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2020 Madison Passing League (7x7)

Our Booster Club is sponsoring our Winter 7-on-7 hosted by Madison High School Foundation on Sunday mornings.

Another opportunity to get better. Unfortunately the 2020 season was cut short due to Covid-19 precautions.

AAU Membership Renewal Required

This is an AAU sponsored activity, so all participants must be current AAU members and their club affiliation must be current. Click here for more information about becoming or renewing your AAU membership. Remember, our Club Code is SR Football, our Club Code is WY38E7.

Who Plays on the 7-on-7 Team?

7-on-7 is designed for skill positions players (QB's, WR, RB, Safeties, CB, LB) that expect to compete for varsity football spots with their high school teams. As mentioned above, this is not a high school activity. This is an AAU member event. So the opportunity is open to all, however, the most competitive participants will play.

See the schedule below. And remember, you can always check the calendar for the complete schedule of all activities.

“If you want to be a champion you have to play champions. We will get a chance to do that on Sunday mornings."

7-on-7 Schedule

All games are at Madison High School on Sunday morning.


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