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IMPORTANT NOTE - Please keep in mind the San Diego Unified School District and California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) both have clear transfer eligibility rules that must be followed in order to enroll in and participate in sports at our high school.  All applicable rules apply.  If Scripps Ranch High School is your neighborhood school or you have been "Choice'd In" by the school district and are already enrolled, we will be notified about your eligibility.


Here is what you need to know.

First, we are excited to have your family join the Falcon Football Family.

STEP 1 - Enrollment (New Students & Transfers Only)

Step one is always enrollment into our school.  Once that happens, the football process is relatively quick.  But keep in mind, we have a dead-period where I may not have contact with players.  Our dead period this summer will be June 28th - July 12th.  I am available any other time to help with any and all questions.


Once your STUDENT/Athlete is enrolled we will need three things.

STEP 2 - Complete New Player Information Form (All New Students)

Completing the form will let Coach Gardinera know you'd like to join the #FalconFootballFamily.  Once Coach G has your information, you will be contacted with more information.

STEP 3 - Get Cleared to Play (All Students)

1)  Report Cards/Transcripts

If you are new to the San Diego Unified School District, a copy of your STUDENT/Athletes most recent report card/transcripts from their last school will be needed to determine eligibility (2.0 GPA in academics and citizenship), although team standards are higher.  You can check out our SCHOOL FIRST policy on our web site. 

2)  Physical (IMPORTANT - Using our forms)

A completed physical on our forms is required.  The form is available on the web site.  The forms will be submitted there as well.  The physicals are good for the entire year and for all sports, which is why the earliest date when can accept a physical is June 10, 2020.  Here is a copy of last year's form.  I don't remember if they update them, but I can't imagine any problems using it as long as it is completed and signed by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.


Finally, during the enrollment process, you will receive information about athletic transfers.  That is handled on the school administration/athletic director's side.  Once cleared to participate via enrollment, we have to get you to  When there, select our school and all of the sports your STUDENT/Athlete could potentially play.  Pick them all, even if you aren't exactly sure which ones they may participate in, so you don't have to go through this process for each sport later.  You can also submit your completed physical form there, but bring a copy when they enroll just for our records.


STEP 3 - Go to SRFOOTBALL.COM's Welcome Page

Everything you need is available on our team web site.

If you have any questions for the school visit our web site to find what and who you need.  Also, our athletic director Todd Wilson is also a great resource for athletic-related questions.

Again, thanks for reaching out to us.  Feel free to contact me at any time if there are questions I can answer.

And we look forward to your family joining ours.

Marlon Gardinera

Head Football Coach

Scripps Ranch High School

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