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$5 for 2 Years of the Union-Tribune (Sunday Paper & Digital Access) Sign Up Today!


We have partnered with the San Diego Union-Tribune to offer a great promotion. For $5 our families, friends, colleagues and their family and friends can get 2 years of Sunday Home Delivery, plus Unlimited Digital Access. For each subscription, The San Diego Union-Tribune will make a donation to our program to help support our financial goals.


Sign Up Here - Union-Tribune $5 for 2 Years*



















Sign Up Here - Union-Tribune $5 for 2 Years*



* - You will be transferred to a secure SR Football/UT document. Your information will remain secure. It will be submitted directly to the Union-Tribune to start your subscription. You will be contacted to by the Union-Tribune to verify your information.


Our Goals


We are raising money to reach our goals for the 2019 season, on and off the field. We receive very limited funding to play the game, so we raise money to make it all possible. Helmets, shoulder pads, uniforms, practice gear, equipment, trainers, coaches and so much more are needed to run a football program. But we do all of this with a clear purpose. Here are our goals:


#1 - Raise our Team GPA to 3.60


  • 2016 - 2.97

  • 2017 - 3.24

  • 2018 - 3.59


Why 3.60? That is the magic number for many colleges and universities to provide academic (not athletic) scholarships for our STUDENT/Athletes. Preparing the team for the next level is our number one priority. Doing it as a team works as a motivator and it also provides accountability.


#2 - Use Football to Teach Measurable Life Lessons


It takes an amazing talent, body, and mind, mixed with great luck, timing and health to make it to the next level in football. So we spend our time focusing on the things we can control. Our STUDENT/Athletes learn what hard work is, they learn commitment, dedication, perseverance, how to deal with adversity, how to compete and most importantly, they learn team. Each lesson will serve them well in their future, but we also use high standards and accountability, today and everyday, in school and out to ingrain these characteristics. That is the primary purpose of Falcon Football.


#3 - Win a League Championship


Did you know it has been 25 years since Scripps Ranch won a league title? (1994)


#4 - Win a C.I.F. Championship


SRHS has never won a CIF championship in football.


Our Fundraising Goal


Our goal for this fundraiser is 1,250 subscriptions. That will put us well on our way to reaching our overall 2019 fundraising goals. As usual, participation is optional, however all STUDENT/Athletes will benefit from our fundraising activities.


Terms & Conditions


All orders will be verified.


Due to newspaper industry regulations, sales found to be acquired by promoting the commission will be rejected. Subscribers must sign the form themselves in order to verify that they've placed and paid for the order. Subscribers must also provide valid phone numbers for verification. Offer available to non-subscribers only (Must not have been a subscriber in the past 30 days) unless subscriber currently has a fundraising subscription expiring within the next 90 days. If so, fundraising subscription may be renewed at the current rate.


Limit two subscriptions per household.


May not solicit subscriptions at retail outlets.


Subscribers must live in the designated delivery area within San Diego County. WE do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. Customer must pay for the subscription and give their money to the organization; a third party may NOT pay. Gift subscriptions are not allowed. Must use our approved order form. Copies may be submitted if they're not modified.


Cannot promote this special offer on any social networking websites, including Facebook, Craigslist and/or Twitter.


For delivery issues, please contact our Customer Service Department directly at 619.299.4141.

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