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Class: 2021

Position: Linebacker (Team Captain)


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 185 lbs

GPA: 4.86 6th Semester / 4.60 Cumulative

HUDL Film:


Phone: 858.414.0580


Twitter: @MerriganRiley

Parent: Kevin Merrigan

Parent Phone: 619.857.2667

Parent Email:

Anticipated Level: Div I - FCS, Ivy League

Shown Interest:

Ivy's, Davidson (Offered), Montana. Lake Erie (Offered), Carnie Mellon (Offered), Washington University - St. Louis (Offered), Clairemont McKenna (CMS) - Offered, University of Rochester (Offered), Oberlin (Offered), Bowdoin (Offered), Rose Hulman (Offered), Middlebury (Offered), Whittier College (Offered)

In the Classroom

In Riley's sixth semester he earned a 4.86 weighted GPA.  His cumulative GPA is 4.60.  He has taken AP, honors, advanced, and college courses and will enter college with completed units.  He is taking the SACT on April 3, 2020.  The football program is adamant about our SCHOOL FIRST policy, and players in the program are subject to relentless grade checks, study hall, peer tutoring, and the highest accountability.  This policy had a tremendous effect on the team which now has a GPA of 3.71.  Riley has the highest GPA on the team and he made the 2019 Union-Tribune All-Academic Team.

On the Field

He is a very athletic, two-sport (football/basketball) athlete with the determination, commitment, and work ethic to make it to the next level and be a difference-maker.  In his second varsity season, he had a great year in what turned into the best season in the school's history. That included being selected for the 2019 All-City League (1st Team) and Defensive Player of the Year on a highly ranked defensive squad that allowed less than eight (8) points per game.  Our defense was the foundation of our undefeated regular season and a trip to the CIF-San Diego Section Championship game.  


According to Coach Gardinera, “The only thing better than having a great linebacker is having a smart one that is all-in.  He reads his keys, reacts and gets where he is supposed to be. If everyone had the discipline and smarts this kid has, they too would be there every time the ball is and have the ball thrown to them routinely.”

2019 Results:

52 Tackles (2nd most)

7 Tackles for a Loss (2nd most)

4 Interceptions (Led the team)

3 Sacks

1 Forced Fumble

All-City League (1st Team)

SRHS Defensive Player of the Year

Union-Tribune All-Academic Team

The Future

Riley is going into his third year as a varsity starter.  He is a 2020 team captain and leader in a football program.  The example he sets as a STUDENT/Athlete is second to none.  We all look forward to having one more year with Riley Merrigan and him leading the way for the Falcon Football Family.

Additional Contact Information

Head Coach: Marlon Gardinera

Phone: 619.520.3997

Twitter: @CoachGardinera


Scripps Ranch High School

10410 Falcon Way

San Diego, CA 92131

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Todd Durkin

Phone: 619.889.6784

Twitter: @ToddDurkin


One of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the nation.  Clients include

Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, LaDanian Tomlinson, Darren Sproles among many others.

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