Spring is Here! Spring Schedule Announced

Updated: May 11

New calendar, Fitness Quest 10, 7x7 and Spring Football

Monday, March 21st thru the Last Day of School

First and most important, we've added Google Calendar to our web site. That will allow you to copy event information to your personal calendars. The calendar is complete through the end of the school year. Some events will times with be listed at TBD (To Be Determined), but the days are accurate.

Strength & Conditioning w/Fitness Quest 10

Guess who's back? That's right, our partnerships with one of American's Top 10 Gyms is back. Fitness Quest 10 will continue to lead our strength and conditioning program for the sixth year in a row. Whether it's Todd Durkin himself, or the great crew of trainers led by general manager Jeff Bristol we are fortunate to have the best.

If you are thinking of getting back to the gym we can't recommend Fitness Quest 10 enough, based on our years of experience and success with the help of their amazing team.

New S&C Schedule

In order to get complete workouts, we will be extending our workout after school on Monday's. And we are adding an optional workout day on Saturday mornings. Check out the new schedule at

  • Mondays - 2:38 pm - 4:00 pm (Weight Room)

  • Tuesdays - 2:38 - 3:33 pm (Field Work)

  • Thursdays - 1:45 pm - 3:33 pm (Weight Room)

  • Fridays - 2:45 pm - 3:33 (Competition Day)

  • Saturdays - 10 am - Noon (Weight Room) - OPTIONAL WORKOUT

7x7 Dates

There are a list of 7x7 practices, games and tournaments that will be added very soon. More information will be sent about each as soon as the dates are secured.

Mandatory Spring Football

Wednesday, May 16 thru Tuesday, June 7th (See Calendar)

Spring Football is three weeks of actual football practice, minus the helmets and pads. It is regular practice with our entire coaching staff and the entire team. It isn't an AAU club activity, this is an actual team sanctioned activity, carried out by every high school in the state. Unlike our open/optional workouts, spring football is mandatory. All freshmen and JV spring sports will be done by the time we start. Some varsity team will be in the playoffs (baseball, track, volleyball, badminton). Team members will be expected to attend as soon as their respective sport is done.

ALL FOOTBALL PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED. PARTICIPATION IS MANDATORY. We only get three weeks. If you believe you have a conflict with another sport, communicate with Coach Gardinera directly. However, wrestling, basketball and other off-season workouts and practices are not valid reasons to miss football. Again, if you think you have a conflict, speak to Coach G directly.

During spring football we install changes in offense and defense. We start assessing players for participation at the varsity level and preparing for what we expect to be a great 2022 season.

Study Hall and Other Sports

Sixth period PE is new. 2021/22 is the first year we've had the opportunity to start study hall and/or workouts during the school day. In years past everything started after school. The change has made it possible for us to get more study hall time than usual. Unfortunately, some have taken advantage and are deciding to use our football/PE time for studying without communicating with me.

Moving forward I expect all student-athletes to be on the same schedule, doing the same activities unless they have received permission to do otherwise. The most common explanation is, I am behind in a subject, or I have a test coming up, etc. While I understand, and SCHOOL FIRST is our top priority, it isn't necessary to take the limited time we have, particularly during the PE class to work on school. It's a class. I use extra time during the season to off-set the significant time football takes up. However, out of season, particularly for kids not playing another sport, they have all afternoon to study. Exceptions are made, on a case-by-case basis for players in other sports, as their free time is more limited. But deciding PE is study hall for oneself is over. It will be on a case-by-case basis.

That also applies to our weight room workouts. Many players in other sports try to use their other sport as an excuse to avoid workouts. I had to remind the team that basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, track and every other sports works out in season. Unfortunately, many of our teams do not. But it is not uncommon and quite frankly recommended for other sports. We obviously do not expect players to workout on their games days and we modify each workout depending on what sport the student-athletes play. But "I play another sport" is not a reason to skip or miss our workouts. Other sports should workout in-season, just like we do.

If anyone has a question about our expectations, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

That's it folks. Enjoy Spring, it starts on Sunday, March 20th.

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