SCHOOL FIRST - Suspension from Football as a Last Resort

As a last resort, when the effort is not there, we put football on the back burner and make sure our STUDENT/Athletes understand the priority.

It doesn't happen often, but there are times when the best medicine is no football. We take that step after all others have been exhausted. After we have development The Improvement Plan, after our STUDENT/Athlete has met with their teachers, counselors and after we've talked to the family. And after it becomes obvious that effort and attitude are as much the problem as the resulting grades.

Please understand, this isn't a punishment. It's an opportunity to focus on SCHOOL FIRST. And all STUDENT/Athletes stay connected to the team, they just don't hit the field until their priority is taken care of.

We do it because we love them and they love football. Together we get them ready for SCHOOL FIRST, then football.

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