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Congrats Mekhi! Now to Your Legacy

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

It is with great joy that we announce Mekhi Shaw will continue his academic and athletic endeavors at the University of Nevada (Reno). The Wolf Pack now have two of our best, with Matthew Killam committing earlier this year.

CORRECTION: Mekhi was given an opportunity to play right here in his home town for the San Diego State Aztecs. I BELIEVE!

As proud as I am of all of our Falcon Football Family members and I really am, on and off the field, I want to take a minute to thank one of our own. I want to thank this person for doing it all right. From the first time I saw him play football in 2010, to the is last opportunity when he earned himself this very opportunity, he has done just that. He has done it all right.

He is the most talented, dedicated and humble football player I have ever coached. But the thanks is really for being a role model. For being on time to class, to the weight room, to film, to practice. Always in the right attire, always ready. Then, without fail for giving 100% all the time. Also for doing it in pain. Yes, we noticed. We also noticed you showed up when you were sick and ignored us when we sent you home. You would say, "I'll just for the install," even when you knew you would be used sparingly on offense that week. Why? Because you did it all right.

Now, he wasn't alone. There were others. I just didn't get a chance to coach them for so long. So, I want to thank Mekhi Shaw for being all of the above for so many years. I want to thank him for setting that example while maintaining a 3.98 GPA. Proving, everything we ask of each player can in fact be done and each of them would be better for it. It is a reflection of Mekhi's legacy. It is also the direction we will take as a program. Two years ago it was "ALL IN." Last year it was "The Time Has Come." Now, to honor Mekhi's effort and those who got it done like Mekhi, the ones who have set the tone for this program, our 2020 mission is all about...


Because there is no better way to describe who Mekhi Shaw is and role model he has been for every Falcon hereafter.

Congratulations Mekhi Shaw for doing it all right.

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