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Class: 2021

Position: Safety, Quarterback, Running Back, Receiver (Team Captain)

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 185 lbs

GPA: 4.50 6th Semester / 4.2 Cumulative

HUDL Film:

NCAA ID#: 1904511409

Phone: 619.318.7361


Twitter: @Ethan18Nicholas

Parent: Tim Nicholas

Parent Phone: 765.414.0489

Parent Email:

Anticipated Level: Div I - FBS, FCS, Ivy League

Shown Interest:

Stanford, ASU, SDSU, Nevada, Penn, Princeton, Weber State, Cal Poly, Montana, Univ of San Diego, Valparaiso University (Offered), Butler (Offered), Lake Erie (Offered), John Hopkins

In the Classroom

Ethan is an exemplary STUDENT/Athlete.  His current GPA is 4.42.  His cumulative GPA is 4.16 midway through his junior year.   As such he made the 2019 Union-Tribune All-Academic Team.  Ethan will be going to college with completed units after taking honors and dual enrollment college courses.  Ethan will be taking the SAT in the spring and will update this profile as soon as his score is available.

On the Field

"Ethan is an aggressive, hard-hitting, smash-mouth run filling safety with a nose for the ball (team leader in tackles and INTs in his sophomore/junior seasons). He is also an incredibly athletic, dynamic offensive weapon that is explosive at QB, RB and slot receiver.  I am not a fan of two-way players, but Ethan has to be on the field at all times for us," said Head Coach Marlon Gardinera.  He will be a difference-maker at the next level and even better STUDENT/Athlete at a great school.

"Ethan Nicholas is the most explosive playmaker on the field - on both sides of the ball.  Defenses must always account for where he is on the field.  He is fearless, dedicated to winning and a natural leader on and off-campus.  He has excellent vision, incredible quick cuts, and outstanding top-end speed.  We use him at QB, RB, and WR.   - Coach Harrison, Offensive Coordinator, Scripps Ranch High School"

2019 Highlights/Stats:


44 Tackles

3 Interceptions

1 Forced Fumble

39/251 (Rushing), 3 TD's

5/58 (Receiving), 1 TD

Best Attributes

Dynamic Athlete

Fast, Hard Hitting, Aggressive

Great Hands

Dedicated, Hard Working

All City League - So & Jr.

All Academic Team

(San Diego Union-Tribune)

The Future

Ethan is a 2020 team captain and leader in a football program that is relentless about SCHOOL FIRST. As a result, the team GPA is 3.71 as they are held to the highest standards in preparation for success at the next level on and off the field. They reach their goals with study hall, peer tutors, grade checks and relentless accountability.   They recognize and appreciate the privilege it is to be a STUDENT/Athlete and they are prepared to succeed at both.  Ethan Nicholas exemplifies what it means to be a part of the Falcon Football Family.

Additional Contact Information

Head Coach: Marlon Gardinera

Phone: 619.520.3997

Twitter: @CoachGardinera


Scripps Ranch High School

10410 Falcon Way

San Diego, CA 92131

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Todd Durkin

Phone: 619.889.6784

Twitter: @ToddDurkin


One of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the nation.  Clients include

Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, LaDanian Tomlinson, Darren Sproles among many others.

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